Capacitance and tanδ Standard

Capacitance and tanδ Standard CA6210D-1-1000 is designed for High Voltage Capacitance Bridge and insulation testers calibration.
It can be applied for traceability of electric capacitance and tanδ values.


  • High accuracy
  • Operating voltage up to 1 kV, 50 Hz
  • Nominal tanδ: 1·10-4, 1·10-3, 1·10-2, 1·10-1
  • Nominal capacitance: 1000 pF
  • High stability in the range of operating temperatures
  • Built-in platinum resistive temperature sensor PT100 to provide temperature correction of Standards capacitance


  • Calibration laboratories
  • Metrology Institutes
Nominal Capacitance1000 pF
Capacitance accuracy± 0,05 %
Nominal tanδ*1·10-4, 1·10-3, 1·10-2, 1·10-1
tanδ accuracy± (3·10-5 + 0,002·tanδ)
Limits of allowable relative change of capacitance depending on the applied voltage in the range from 1 to 10 kV± 0,05 %
Limits of allowable absolute change of tanδ depending on the applied voltage in the range from 1 to 10 kV± 3·10-5
Voltage1 kV
Frequency50 Hz
*Nominal values, exact values will be within 10% difference and delivered in the passport
Operating conditions:
Temperature range
Relative Humidity

15...30 °C
up to 80 % non-condensing
Size (DхWхH), max135 × 100 × 65 мм
Weight, max0,55 kg



Precision High Voltage Capacitance Bridge


Capacitance and tanδ Standard