Automatic Oil Tan Delta Tester

Automatic Oil Tan Delta Tester D200 is designed for automatic measurement of Tan delta (tgδ), relative permittivity (εr), specific resistance (ρ) of the transformer oil and other liquid electrical insulating materials


  • Automatic performance of a full series of measurements in accordance with IEC 60247
  • Monoblock design
  • High accuracy of measurements
  • Small volume of oil to perform the test
  • Design of test cell is three-electrode flat type
  • Convenient cell design for quick disassembly and thorough cleaning
  • High test productivity due to special algorithm of test cell heating and active cooling
  • High accuracy of oil temperature measurement
  • Control of the measurement process using the LCD touchscreen display
  • Saving test results in the Tester archive
  • Transferring the archive from the Tester’s memory to a PC using a standard USB flash drive
  • Small dimensions and weight


D200 is used by:

  • electrotechnical laboratories monitoring the characteristics of transformer oil and other liquid dielectrics
  • in production workshops, stationary and mobile laboratories

** The manufacturer reserves the right to change the characteristics of the device